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Dunn Electric is dedicated to it's customers. That's why we've added a new section to our web site focusing on      "Think Green" This section highlights energy saving products, techniques and tools. It also provides testimonials from customers satisfied with energy efficient lighting projects and allows you to sign up for your very own FREE energy audit. Check it out and
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FEATURING: Hubbell LED Wallpacks
12 or 18 high CRI LEDs precisely aligned for optimal photometric performance. Provides excellent uniformity and spacing up to 60ft at mounting heights from
Frosted acrylic diffuser accessory - included with fixture! Softens output and protects LED lenses. Use near pedestrian entry applications or where low brightness is preferred.
Optional factory installed button photo controls for added energy savings
Quick mount - easy mounting without opening fixture. Attach adapter plate to wall, connect wires, hang fixture and tighten set screws.
Versatile conduit mounting standard with LNC and LNC2 fixtures. Industry leading feature, knock-out located on bottom of fixture.
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3306 Lumens
   250w MH 
2419 Lumens
150-175w MH 
1460 Lumens
   100w MH 
1147 Lumens
    70w MH 
  820 Lumens
    50w MH 
Learn more about Dunn Electric's recycling service  and how to recycle your lamps, ballasts and electronic waste quickly and easily!
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